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One-stop Property Solutions
We do general maintenance to offices which include ceilings repairs, wall repairs, floor repairs, electrical, lighting, air-conditioning, plumbing, access control, alarm systems, generators, etc.
Property services
Are you looking for a solution on the renovation of your house, building or office space? Are you making additions or changes to your existing property?
Building renovations
Lifestyle Solutions provides a full turnkey solution to the property sector putting us in a unique position to add strategic value to you and your business.
Turnkey solutions
Solve basic plumbing & electrical problems in a zoom session with one of our experts! Why not give our online sessions a try?
On-line support
The Right Partner For You

Taking care of every element within the design, development and construction of your project can be difficult. A turnkey development approach, however, is the right kind of ticket for a no-fuss, efficient project. The turnkey development approach, that sees clients hand over the reins to an appointed PM to manage and oversees every element of the process enables companies to focus on their core business.

Our Project Managers have overseen multiple construction processes for the company’s diverse clientele. Entrusted with developing premises for many well-known names in the corporate world. Todays solution for tomorrows problems.
In Full Control

Clients benefit from our turnkey development approach, as it puts us fully in control of every aspect of the construction process, making it easier for them to focus on what they need to do, and not worry about the intricacies of ensuring they’ll have their office, factory or home ready in time. We’re able to meet their tight deadlines, while equipped to effectively allocate resources and trusted with making the right choices, at the right time, for their project.

A close working relationship with our clients is essential, as this makes it easier for our team to fully understand, and act on, an extremely detailed brief, ensuring that our development responds to their unique specifications. Our multi-skilled team and extensive experience enables us to develop for any sector, client requirement, or design need.
Saving Time

The world moves at an incredible pace and taking on any building or related project is always a complex processes. This is where we come in, our turnkey development approach solves time-related complexities for home and property owners, with short time construction periods being the norm. Our clients need to move fast and by choosing our turnkey approach, they can be assured that we’ll deliver on time. We’ve never miss a deadline, and we always deliver on budget and on time.
Relationship Building

But being able to deliver on time and within budget, isn’t as simple as it seems. That’s why the turnkey development approach rests heavily upon the creation of a solid, sustained relationship between client and Lifestyle Solutions. The success of any turnkey project begins with clearly defined requirements. Detailed costings are shared with the client, upfront, but clearly defining a client’s needs is paramount to success. The art of asking the right questions, to get the right answers, is something our team is very skilled at doing, and it’s the foundation of a solid working relationship with our clients. Relationships are the true foundations of the buildings and homes we develop.
An Assurance of Quality

Designing and developing an efficient building using a turnkey development solution isn’t, however, just a cost and time-saving exercise. In fact, clients can feel more assured of better quality construction, as the property owner retains full control of every aspect related to the building process. Building to unique specifications and not having to rely on unknown suppliers, or unexpected variables makes Lifestyle Solutions more effective at every turn. We are able to keep costs down, ensure quality and adhere to exceptional standards at every level.
Handing Over the Keys

Once construction is complete, all that’s left to do is hand over the keys and move in, as clients are handed a completed building, fit for purpose, and built to cater for your precise needs.

Fees Structure
Building Estimates
Send us a plan or idea of what you want to have done and we will provide you with a building estimate or quotation quick and easy.

Free Quotes
  • We dont charge for quotes

  • Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry.

Emergency Call Outs
  • Handymen, Builders, Landscapers and Carpenters R499 per hour or part thereof.

  • Plumbers, Electricians and Computer Experts R599 per hour or part thereof.

  • We don't charge call out fees or traveling fees within a 20km radius of major city centres.
What Our Customers Say
"I have used Garath and his team for all our company needs for the last 4 years and I couldn't be more satisfied with how quickly they attend to us and the way they manage the process of having plans approved at council level. They continuously surpass our expectations!" - Peter S.
"James was amazing, he understood what we wanted or rather helped us understand what we wanted and then he brought it to life. The project was well managed by James and it finished on time" - Charles Z.
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