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Wall Mounted Dispensers
Wall mounted dispensers
Hand soap & sanitising dispensers

Hand soap dispensers are used in a wide variety of applications.  From residential use to commercial and industrial use.  Hand soap dispensers and wall mounted hand sanitizer are ideally placed close to a water supply or a wash hand basin.  

Most of the soap dispensers are wall mounted.  The soap can be replaced with refills or bulk refill. Some units use proprietary refills so bulk refill will be difficult and is not recommended, however many of our units have been adapted to accomodate bulk refills or foam hand sanitizer dispenser.

When using hand sanitising gel or spray a hand wash basin is not needed as the chemical evaporates. Use sanitizing gel to help save water. Wash your hands without using water with sanitizing gels.
The wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser freestanding designs and stainless or mild steel construction makes them idea for busy customer and visitor areas as they can be easily re-positioned for maximum effect and use.

Locate them near entrances and doorways or near serve-over displays to give your visitors reassurance that you’re taking the crisis seriously and have their well being at the forefront of your operation.

The long lever allows the user to dispense sanitiser using their elbow or with the foot pedal (depending on model) reducing the need to keep sanitising the dispenser itself.
Wall mounted dispensers
Elbow liquid hand soap dispensers

The Elbow Operated Soap dispensers is perfect for areas where extreme hygiene needs to be maintained by not touching any bathroom surfaces after washing hands. This soap or antiseptic dispenser is for medical environments, nursing homes, doctor’s rooms, clinics or treatment facilities where Sanitizing hands after touching patient is very necessary.


  • Robust stainless or mild steel dispenser
  • Refillable liquid or gel 1100ml top up bottle
  • Dispenser is operated by pushing down on the elbow lever at a downward angle using the elbow
  • Designed for high risk scrub or healthcare areas specifically


  • Robust, high impact resistant
  • Hands are kept free of contact with container or steel frame reducing cross contamination
  • Easy installation
  • White look and feel to match with other hygiene equipment in the range
Please note:

  • For hygiene reasons, exchanges and returns will not be facilitated on these items.
  • This does not guarantee the prevention of non-transmission of infection.
  • Easy to Use This elbow or hand push soap dispenser has drop function which makes you easy and convenient to use.


This dispenser does not come with any screws or wall plugs
• 2 mounting holes
• Can be installed by a competent handyman
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