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What is a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C)?

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Published by Arthur Biggens in Plumber · 15 April 2020
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Looking for a plumber, then you need to be aware of this. The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) are in the process of rolling out a system whereby a Licensed plumbing practitioner will self-certify their plumbing work by issuing of a plumbing certificate of compliance to the relevant owner, municipality, local authority and/or insurance company. Through this process the licensed plumber will take ownership for their plumbing work and they will be held accountable for the said works.

A Plumbing Certificates of Compliance is issued by a licensed plumber to certify that their plumbing work complies with all regulatory installations requirements. A plumbing certificate of compliance will be issued for most plumbing work, including:

  • Where the total value of work, including materials, labour and VAT, is more than R1500.00 (material costs must be included, regardless of whether the materials were supplied by another person)
  • The installation, relocation or replacement of any Hot Water Cylinder, regardless of the cost
  • The construction, installation or alteration of any below ground sanitary drain; regardless of the cost
  • The installation, relocation or replacement of any Hot Water Solar System

A Plumbing certificate of compliance should be issued to the relevant owner with five working days of the completion of the said plumbing works. Only a licensed’s plumber my purchase and issue compliance certificates. It is illegal for any person who works on plumbing installation if he/she is not a qualified plumber or not working under the adequate supervision of a qualified plumber. Registered persons under the category of Qualified plumbers are qualified plumbers and may carry out plumbing works and may supervise non-qualified plumbers or plumbing learners, however they will not be allowed to issue Plumbing Certificate Compliance for plumbing installations.

Don’t risk your money and property. PlumFast Plumbing is fully licenced and able to inspect and issue a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C) from the Plumbing Industry Registration Board where required.  Call or contact us today.

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