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For how long is an electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC) valid?

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Published by Francois in Electrical · 18 April 2020
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A COC doesnt last forever. Most of us think the only time you need a COC is when you sell your house, well that isn't.

No mention is made in legislation regarding the expiry or lapse of the CoC; and it remains valid for what it has been issued for. However confusion arises due to the Electrical Installation regulations stating in Regulation 7(5) which says " Subject to the provisions of section 10(4) of the Act, the user or lessor may not allow a change of ownership if the certificate of compliance is older than two years."  

Apart from that an electrical certificate of compliance is valid for the lifetime of an installation but excludes maintenance items any alterations that have been done to an electrical installation. In these instances the owner of the porperty must obtain a supplementary CoC according to clause 7(4)  which states:  "Where any addition or alteration has been effected to an electrical installation for which a certificate of compliance was previously issued, the user or lessor of such electrical installation shall obtain a certificate of compliance for at least the addition or alteration."

Our our experience it is very unusual for homeowners to request a COC  when making additions or repairs to their property so it only makes sense to have a COC done when you buy or sell a house. Having said that most homeowners should be aware that if you make additions/changes to your electrical installation and you dont obtain a COC the insurance company has every right to revoke your an insurance claim if they suspect its the result of an electrical fault.

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