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Burst Water Pipes

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Published by Mike Jones in Plumber · 15 April 2020
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In modern homes, piping is often embedded in the walls or under the floors. Accordingly, cracks, leaks, and bursts are not always that obvious. The problem is that the longer you wait, the worse the damage is and the more costly and time-consuming it will be to repair all the consequential damage. There are some signs to look out for that might indicate the presence of burst pipes. If you own a house, be vigilant and get the opinion of a professional as soon as possible if you spot any of these signs:

  • A reduction in water pressure. One of the first things you would notice if you have burst pipes is a decrease in pressure. It might take longer to fill the sink or a bath or you have to open the tap wider than you normally would. Do not presume this is just your imagination. If frozen pipes are the problem, nothing might come out of the tap at all.
  • Discoloured water. A change in the colour might indicate a leak. This can either be because of contamination entering the pipe but a brownish colour can also be caused by rust in the pipe. Discolouration may also be accompanied by an odour, but this is not very common.
  • Your utility bill is suddenly higher. You will be surprised how many litres can be lost a month due to burst pipes. If your bill suddenly increases by a huge amount, it might be because you are losing water somewhere.
  • The appearance of water marks. With pipes running inside the walls, you may not actually see water running out, but the continuous damp will lead to salt stains after a while. If a stain suddenly appears in an area where you have not had problems with dampness before, it could be an indication of a leaky pipe.
  • Actual water. In the case of the leak being a particularly bad one, or where the leak has been present for a while, you might notice water running or pooling up in certain areas. This would be the easiest way to spot burst pipes.
  • Structural Cracks. A pipe leaking on the inside of the wall may cause structural cracks in the wall. Far greater structural damage can be expected if the water from a burst pipe flows beneath the foundation of the house. If not discovered in time, the water will undermine the foundations, causing serious structural damage to the house – cracks will start to appear everywhere.

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